GDPRism… what?

Everyone is talking about data protection. Data protection here, data protection there. Data protection gives us as users, consumers, certain rights to protect our personal data. At the same time, it also brings obligations for companies and organisations when processing personal data. These rights and obligations have been enshrined in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since 2018.

But what do these regulations mean for me personally and for my everyday working life? This is where we want to support them with our project.

We want to support them in planning and implementing their projects as well as training and further education programmes in a data protection-compliant manner. This includes teaching materials to raise awareness of data protection issues and a guide for handling project data and participant data. In addition, we will present a selection of suitable online tools for lesson preparation, delivery and follow-up.

We will develop and provide concrete guidance, checklists and best practices within the project that will help to take into account data protection regulations in everyday life and to anchor data protection as a central topic already in project planning. In the long term, we want to sensitise their employees and their organisation to the topic of data protection.


“Data protection is not an annoying appendage, it is not superfluous bureaucracy, it is a prerequisite for the right to informational self-determination to be enforced in the information society as well”.

Jörg Tauss, german politician 1953

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