Here we publish the project-relevant results, which help to take data protection regulations into account in everyday life and to anchor data protection as a central topic in project planning.
In detail:

  • E-learning module on data protection
  • Concrete guidance, checklists and best practices
  • Data protection assessment of online tools used in everyday working life

Das GDPRism E-Learning:
Your key to data protection expertise.

Our comprehensive and free e-learning programme provides you with extensive knowledge of data protection. The training is divided into three modules:

  • The “Data Protection Basic Course” offers an introduction to the topic, provides an overview and explains the regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The module “Data protection in practise” transfers what you have learnt to individual subject areas from everyday working life (e.g. saving addresses and lists of participants or the use of video conferences)
  • The “Templates and Tools” module contains a range of different templates and checklists for free use. These documents support you in putting what you have learnt directly into practice.

Although you can start the courses independently of each other, the modules “Data protection by subject area” and “Data protection in projects” build on the content of the basic data protection course. We therefore recommend that you start with the basic data protection course.

You can find our free e-learning here:
Our online course is based on the open source system Moodle.

The GDPRism toolbox:
Practical templates for free use

Templates and checklists

You will find all relevant templates and accompanying documents in our toolbox.

Please note: The file only contains the documents. These are presented and discussed in detail as part of our e-learning programme. If required, you will find detailed descriptions and instructions on how to use these documents in our e-learning module “Tools and Tools”

Digital services in everyday working life

You can find a data protection assessment of individual online services and providers that can support the implementation of projects in a professional context in our online learning module„Tools and Tools > Digital services

Data protection – curse or blessing? (Survey)

In order to understand the importance of data protection in organisations in the education sector and their employees, an anonymous online survey was also conducted between December 2022 and the end of March 2023. The survey was aimed at employees and staff in adult and vocational education and training, child and youth work as well as education and training in general.

You can find the article on the survey results and the detailed analyses [here on our website]