Medienkompetenz Team e.V.

The Medienkompetenz Team e.V. is a non-profit association based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Its aim is to increase media literacy among the public – especially with regard to important core issues such as data protection, privacy and the promotion of all necessary digitalisation skills. Today, MKT offers training, lectures and workshops for children and young people, students, teachers, parents and all interested parties. We cover all topics related to digitalisation and digital transformation. MKT works closely with the municipal child and youth welfare office in Karlsruhe – which is also a member of our association.

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EDUCOMMART (EDU) is a meeting place for partner institutions whose projects address social, societal and economic bottlenecks and who develop and implement educational programmes together with EDU. The EDU wants to create space for new structures & impulses for a holistic approach to education. In doing so, it chooses paths of education, communication, music & art, which together form EDU’s mission statement. It focuses on socio-political, cultural-critical & media-pedagogical topics with the aim of sensitising trainers in youth and adult education to new fields of action.

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